Valuable instructions for garage door safety

Established in 1995, Garage Master, Inc. of San Francisco, CA provides comprehensive garage door installation and repairs. Here are a few safety tips to remember when you are working on garage doors.

Work safely on your garage door

  • Use the handles to operate the garage door. This will prevent your fingers from getting stuck in tight sections
  • Carefully work on top of a ladder and maintain a sure footing
  • Avoid quick fixes like using one loop of the spring to replace the broken end. It creates imbalance and uneven wear and tear to the entire system. Replace the spring to avoid a “spring break” situation
  • Ensure to install the safety cables thoroughly. Safety cables will prevent the spring from flying around
  • Yearly inspections with appropriate adjustments of moving parts and safety features of residential garage doors is highly recommended
Garage Safety - Garage doors in San Francisco, CA
  • As the garage door is heavy, and you might have to use a ladder to work on top of it, it is advisable not to work alone on any garage repairs
  • Work with caution when dealing with wound, side-mounted or torsion springs, as these generate a lot of energy and can harm a person
  • Usage of safety equipment such as safety glasses, face shields, gloves, safety tools, and hard hats is strongly recommended
  • Work with caution when dealing with damaged power cords or open electrical contacts
  • Remove power supply while replacing power cord

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